Sunday, July 25, 2010


What Do You Say adalah soal dimana anda harus menyebutkan angka. Walaupun bukan dalam harfiah yang sebenarnya. Silahkan pelajari soal-soal dibawah ini.

1. I think it's expensive. It cost $ 142.00
a. one hundred and forty two dollars
b. one thousand and fourty two dollars
c. one hundred forty one dollars
d. one hundred fourty two pounds

2. What do you think? Is it worth $ 100.00?
a. one thousand dollars
b. one hundred
c. one hundred dollars
d. one o'clock

3. In the fall of 1998 another ship will launched
a. nineteen hundred and ninety nine
b. nineteen thousand and ninety eight hundred
c. nineteen hundred and ninetty eight years
d. nineteen ninety-eight

4. America gained independence in the year 1776
a. seventeen hundred and seventy six years
b. seventeen seventy six
c. eight hundred
d. seventeen seventeen six

5. The new ship is going to be 780 feet long
a. seven hundred and eighty
b. seventeen hundred
c. eight hundred
d. seven thousand and eighty

6. The Volendam will have 1,440 passengers
a. one hundred and fourty
b. fourteen hundred and fourty
c. one thousand four hundred and fourty
d. one hundred fourty four thousand

7. The ship will weight 63,000 gross ton
a. sixty three hundred
b. sixty three thousand
c. sixty two thousand
d. sixty three and thousand

8. In the year 2000 we will have 13,182 berths
a. one thousand three hundred and eighty two
b. thirteen thousand one hundred and eighty two
c. fourteen thousand
d. thirteen hundred and eighty two

9. In the ship will have a top speed of 23 knots
a. twenty two
b. twenty three
c. twenty one
d. twenty three hundred

10. He has to go to work at 08.00
a. 8 o'clock in the evening
c. 20.00 hours

11. He finished work at 16.00
c. 4 o'clock in the morning
d. 04.00

12. The ship will depart at noon
a. 12.00
b. 24.00
c. 12 am
d. 11.55 pm

13. We didn't get back from the party till half past midnight
a. 12.00
b. 24.00
c. 12 am
d. 00.30

14. He work only on the weekend
a. Monday-Friday
b. Saturday Only
c. Saturday and Sunday
d. Sunday and Monday

15. He has to scrub the deck at half past four in the morning
a. 16.30
b. 16.00
c. 03.30
d. 04.30

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