Sunday, July 25, 2010


Preposition adalah kata sambung. Pada soal-soal ini, anda diharapkan dapat menggunakan kata sambung yang tepat untuk menyambung kalimat yang terputus.

1. The ship ... Alaska.
a. in c. around
b. out d. about

2. It is ... The Promedae deck.
a. at c. against
b. around d. on

3. We go to shore ... tender.
a. in c. by
b. on d. at

4. The hull is made ... steel.
a. on c. of
b. by d. above

5. He leaned ... the bulkhead.
a. about c. under
b. over d. against

6. She is married ... the captain.
a. to c. without
b. with d. at

7. Is the qualified ... the job?
a. about c. on
b. against d. for

8. I learned marlin test ... this blog.
a. on c. in
b. at d. by

9. Her uniform is similar ... mine.
a. to c. as
b. so d. for

10. Are you afraid ... shark?
a. about c. for
c. against d. of

11. Where ... ... 2 days ago?
a. are you c. did you
b. have you gone d. were you

12. The ship will dock ... Thursday afternoon
a. for c. on
b. in d. at

13. We haven't received a replay since ....
a. 3 days c. last week
b. today d. for a week

14. Do you think she ... come tomorrow?
a. can c. is going
b. have to d. will be

15. .... .... he was staying here, he often saw something strange.
a. during c. for
b. as a long as d. while

16. .............. is the length of promenade deck
a. how many c. what
b. how long d. how much

17. We can see the difference ........ the result.
a. by checking c. from checking
b. with checking d. to check

18. We need to keep .... with the current issues.
a. on c. at
b. up d. in

19. MS. Statendam isn't ..... MS. Rotterdam.
a. as big than c. as big as
b. as big with d. so big with

20. How does he work? He works ....
a. hardly c. hard
b. good d. so hard

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